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- Link nono -DICOM (US, ES, etc) equipments to DICOM standards.
- Acquire and transform non-DICOM in DICOM formats.
- Modify information of an exam.
- Provide DICOM network and worklist.
- Provide convenient use via foot switch.
- Provide video recording service (AVI format).
- Provide DICOM modality worklist (link OES, HIS, RIS, etc)


- iView-Gateway Standard (US, ES, C-Arm, etc.)

                         US                                           ES                                          C-Arm


- iView-Gateway Non-stanard (ES,CT,MR,etc.)

                         ES                                           CT                                            MR


iView-Gateway Premium

 - Video recording performance of 30 frames/sec
 - Provide multiframe-DICOM editing tools.
 - Application: DSA, US, Endoscophy, et. al.

iView-Gateway IMG/TWAIN

 - Conversion of various formats
 (Bmp, Jpeg, Gif, etc.) to DICOM
 - Support TWAIN driver.

 - Application: Ophthalmoscopy, ECG, film scanner,

                                     OPH                                                                    ECG  


 - Not Separated but Integrated with Viewer
   ◇ Inquire and read DICOM data in local and server.
   ◇ Integrated structure provides an economic

 - Provide Video Recording Service
   ◇ Provide non-limited recording time.

   ◇ Support standard AVI format.
   ◇ Application:
     ▷ Fetus video recording serveric in US
     ▷ Endoscopic operation video recording service,
     ▷ Digital sudtraction angiography (DSA), ETC.
 - Provide grad option tools to manipulate image
   qualityy easily such as brightness, contrast,
   color, size, etc

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