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- Easy to use (User-friendly interface).
- Fast and stable system.
- Provide improvement an economic efficiency by functions as store, editing,
  inquiry and management of digital images acquired from various modalities.










- Support DICOM & Various image formats (bmp, jpeg, gif, etc).
- Support various panel layouts.
- Support dual monitors.
- Support various functions for image as zoom in/out, rotation, WWL (Window Width Level),
  pan & seroll, invert image, annotation, measurement, magnifier, real size view, etc.
- Manage DICOM and digital image files.
- Provide worklist and DICOM network.
- Provide historical exams and comparison tad.
- Provide exam compare mode.
- Provied scout image functions.
- Provide series/stack/cine view.
- Interfacing OCS / EMR / HIS
- Provide Full Monitor

WWL(Window Width Level)


Series View
Stack View

Scout Image

Exam Compare Mode
Continous Zoom

Pan &Scroll
Invert Image

Cobb Angle

Cross Refernce
Low & High Filter

CT Ratio

WWL Preset

iView MSG
DICOM HeadInfo

user Account


Image Ordering: change the order of images in an exam.

Whole Spine Merge: combine separated imager sf he whole spine.

Exam Split Mode : separate the mixed in an exam.


- Support paper print.
- Support digital-report files.
- Support DICOM print.
- Provide various report formats.
- Provide Preform fnuction (Frequently used sentences can stored hot keys).
iView Report
iView Report (Preform)



Cobb Angle measurement


Pelvic X_Ray Analyze(PelvicXA)


Mosaic Processing

Mammography Image

- Automatic Breast ROI (Region Of lnterrest) Enlargement
- lmage magnifier for lert & right breast mammography interpretation.
- Lossless Image Compression for mammogaphy CR & DR



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