Paradigm shift from information, knowledge, intelligence is going on. Digital data big bang is the ubiquitous phenomenon and there is no exception for the medical environment. Various digital medical data are exploding and the present new era requires new medical environment of computer aided diagnosis (CAD).
We have a vision of becoming a leading technological company for CAD representing a core company in Korea and a worldwide company. We have been making endless technological innovations.
We are pursuing the total solution of CAD such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, brain disease, and heart disease. Also we will keep the concentration on the CAD as a market positioning firmly.

Endless fighting against cancer before cancer disappears!

The present era is requiring this to us as a mission.
All of our employees make a new way of CAD with challenge spirit and frontier spirit. We convince that our company will be a salt for the CAD industry

Thank you.

CEO Kyong-Sik Om

Dept. of Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering, Inha University (B.S.)
Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Graduate School, Inha University (M.S.)
Interdisciplinary Program of Medical and Biological Engineering Major, Graduate School, Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, Medical Research Center, Seoul National University (Senior Researcher)
2003. 3. 8. ~ Present
CEO, CTO, and Vice President of CAD Impact, lnc.

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TEL. 02-3673-3668, FAX. 02-3673-3669, E-mail. cadimpact@cadimpact.com
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