In this laboratory is progressing constantly innovative research and development.

iView-Gateway 4K™

(in 2023, 4K UHD medical video acquisition device released in Korea)

◆ Capture of High Resolution Medical Endoscope
 - Resolution of 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160
 - Gastrointestinal Endoscope (gastroscope, colonoscope, ...)
 - Laparoscope
 - Arthroscope
 - Still DICOM capture and Management
 - Provide Storage network (connectivity with PACS system)
 - Provide Worklist network (connectivity with PACS system)
 - Long-term AVI recording
 - Short-term Moving-DICOM recording

◆ Applications
 - Gastrointestinal Endoscope (gastroscope, colonoscope, ...)
 - Laparoscope
 - Arthroscope


◆ Mobile Notebook
 - Applications: Mobile Bus Hostpital

◆ Mobile Tablet
 - Reconmendation resolutioin: about 13"


(Breast ultrasound AI software, first launched worldwide in 2005)

Pioneering clinical decision support system
Second opinion for breast ultrasound diagnosis
Endless fighting against cancer before cancer disappears!

High Incidence Rate of Breast Cancer 

 - Breast Cancer is second to Lung Cancer in the fatality rate due to cancer among women today.
 - In the developed countries, one out of every nine women gets breast cancer during her lifetime.

◆ Breast Ultrasound Image Retrieval System

 - Decision support system for better differentiation
   of malignant and benign lesions
 - Provide computer-generated malignancy score
   and the retrieved images from biopsy-proved
   1,000 data..

◆ Low Positive Biopsy Rate

 The overall negative-to-positive biopsy ratio was
 5:1. From a medical and economic viewpoint, this
 is an unacceptable high negative-to-positive
 biopsy ratio.
- T. Stavros, et al., Solid breast nodules : use of
 sonography to distinguish between benign and
 malignant lesions, Radiology, vol. 196, no. 1, pp.
 123-134, 1995 .

Malignancy Score (0 ~ 100)

  - 100 : highly suggestive of malignancy.
  - 0 : lowly suggestive of malignancy.
      (highly suggestive of benignancy)

Practical use

  - Provide breast US image retrieval
    data for clinic counseling.
  - Provide explanation data a
bout the
    relevance of biopsy.
  - Pro
vide digital image and patient
    managements using breast US
    dedicated Report.


Similar Image Retrieval

 - ROI image vs. full size image
 - Biopsy-proven DB : about 1,000
   - Malignant cases : about 400 .
   - Benign cases : about 600
 - In sit
uations in which the radiologist and the
   computer disagree, this is useful solutions.
 - C
omputer-generated malignant score is
   calculated based on the retrieved images.
 - Us
er can infer what ' s the basis of computer ' s
   malignancy score.

      (Typical Benign Case)                                 (Typical Malignant Case)   



iView - Breast PACS

   - Automatic Breast ROI (Region Of lnterrest) Enlargement.

   - lmage magnifier for lert & right breast mammography interpretation.

   - Lossless Image Compression for mammogaphy CR & DR



  - Invert breast area except background by ROI



   - Adjust left &right image by nipple position



   - 4K (UHD) iView for Mammography


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